Products: Networks, meters and sensors for Smart City

Add on for mechanical water meters featured with a with Wireless M-Bus radio module @ 169 MHz, in compliance with Directive MID and UNI and designed to transmit a photo of the meter display to the data concentrator; 

Data Concentrator equipped with dual antennas, radio frequency and GSM / GPRS, placed on a pole or net, collects information / alarms from devices of meter reading / telemanagement operating at 169 MHz and data transfers over the network / phone to a special database , the Central System Access (SAC);


Central Access System (SAC). The function of the Central Access System in a remote reading system is the networking management: all utilities that need to communicate with the meters can do it exclusively through the SAC. The Central Access System consists of three software modules: i) a module that implements communication with concentrators and / or meters using the protocol DLMS-COSEM and the mobile (GPRS/UMTS) network; ii) a web application that allows users and utilities to send commands to the meters and access the stored data; iii) a relational database that records all data uploaded by the meters.